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One of the most beloved payment methods for Canadian casino players is, without a doubt, Interac. Originally founded back in 1984, Interac is actually the brainchild of our home and native land, with headquarters still located in Toronto, and available exclusively to us lucky Canucks.


Company Name Interac Corporation
Established 1984
Located Canada / Toronto
Industry Funds transfers
Website www.interac.ca
Help/Support Interac FAQ

Its most famous product perhaps is its debit cards, which are ubiquitous across the country. But in recent years it has also become a popular way in which to conduct e-transfers and other types of online transactions. Today the Interac impact is so large that it now processes billions of transactions annually. And these include those at online casinos across the globe.

Reasons why Interac has taken a top ranking payment method position in the online gambling world include the fact that many Canadian players already have an Interac account (unlike other e-wallet services they’d have to register for). Plus, it’s exclusively Canadian so there’s no need to worry about currency exchange. And it’s connected to your bank account, so it helps you keep in better control of your gambling seeing exactly the impact each purchase has on your bank account immediately.

Plus, you don’t need to fund your Interac account separately, since again, it’s already connected to your account. That being said, with all the benefits of being connected to your bank account, it’s a bit different from a direct transfer, as with Interac, you do not have to share your bank account details while using your bank account dollars. Another win-win particularly in terms of privacy and personal data safety.

Recommended Interac Casinos

More and more online casinos are offering Interac as a payment method these days. This is particularly true of online casinos that want to appeal to Canadian players, knowing how popular Interac is amongst us. While there are dozens (if not hundreds) of online casinos where you’ll find Interac on the accepted payment methods list, we’ve chosen two of our favourites to suggest.

Mr Green

Pretty much every online casino player is familiar with the Mr Green casino brand. A multi-award winning establishment for many years running, Mr Green has a terrific mix of casino games of all types, including a particularly great choice of slots, and is known for its fast withdrawal process. And, of course, it’s a registered Interac vendor, so you can enjoy its full offering through this convenient banking service – including from your mobile device.

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MagicRed Casino

MagicRed is another top rated online casino that happily accepts Interac transactions. You can use Interac to claim your $200 plus 100 free spin welcome bonus, as well as all of the other bonus promotions frequently up for grabs at MagicRed. As for the type of play to expect once you’ve funded your account, in addition to a terrific range of slots and live casino games, MagicRed also happens to be one of the better mobile casinos around.

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Is Interac a Safe Payment Method?

Interac wasn’t born yesterday. And on the security front, this is a good thing. It means the company has developed and grown with the times, emerging as one of the most secure payment methods that you’ll find across the board. This means that both the technology as well as the transactions are exceptionally secure. Or as Interac itself says in describing its service/commitment, it is “Leading with security”.

The Interac debit card, for example uses proprietary EMV chip processing technology to protect from various fraud tactics including counterfeiting, card-not-present transactions, and transaction replay.

Interac Online, another Interac service, protects safety by ensuring the merchant never actually handles your personal financial information, while Interac e-Transfer similarly does not share either your personal or financial information on either end of the transaction.


Is There Interac Customer Service Available for Canadian Players?

As an exclusively Canadian service, Interac absolutely offers Canadian players full customer service. In fact, it has a terrific customer service setup that ensures you are able to get timely and detailed answers to any type of inquiry in the manner that works best for you.

For starters, we definitely recommend having a browse through the FAQ section on the Interac website as it is very informative, and really does have answers to just about any question you might have. It’s also a really good way to familiarise yourself with all the ins and outs of Interac, which is always helpful in a general sense.

In addition, if you have a particular question you can always send an email to the Interac support team. For inquiries about the e-Transfer service send your email to etransfer_support@interac.ca. For all other services and product inquiries, your address is info@interac.ca. Or, if you prefer to speak with someone directly you can call either 416-362-8550 or 1-855-789-2979 to speak with an Interac service agent on the phone.

Interac App

There are a number of ways in which you can use the Interac services from your mobile phone. For Interac Debit you can upload your Interac debit card to the mobile wallet of Google Pay (for Android devices), Apple Pay (for the iOS platform), or Samsung Pay, and simply tap to pay at checkout at participating vendors.

This same format can be used for in-app or in-browser payments at internet-based establishments like online casinos, making the purchase process extremely simple and secure.

Advantages of Interac

  • A truly Canadian payment method,
    already used by many of us
  • Accepted by online casinos committed to
    giving good service to Canadians in CAD
  • Extremely safe and secure
  • Fantastic customer support

Disadvantages of Interac

  • You can only use it if you have a Canadian bank account
    (which shouldn’t be a problem for most of our readers)


Can I use Interac to gamble at online casinos?

Yes, of course you can use Interac to gamble at many online casinos. More than that, often times, we see offering Interac as a payment method as a strong sign that an online casino is dedicated to providing good service to its Canadian players.

Can I use Interac to gamble at mobile casinos?

Since we’re a mobile casino review portal, we’ll answer this question separately and say yes, of course again you can use Interac to gamble at mobile casinos. These days the terms mobile casino and online casino are basically synonymous, so any service available on one should naturally be available on the other.

How quick are casino transactions?

The speed at which Interac casino transactions take place depends on whether you’re depositing or withdrawing, and the particular establishment you’re frequenting.

Generally speaking, all deposits made with Interac are instant on both ends. That means once you make a deposit, you will immediately see the transaction on your bank statement. And the money you have deposited will instantly be accessible to you in your casino account (so you can gamble and play).

Withdrawals, on the other hand, are a little different. Some online casinos have an internal processing period which may take a day or two. Once the casino releases the money to Interac, however, the money you have cashed out from the casino will immediately appear in your Interac account.

What fees should I expect when using Interac? 

Very few online casinos maintain the practice of charging for transactions. So you should not expect any fees on the casino’s part when you use Interac to either make a deposit or cash out.

There are, however, a list of fees, which you can find in full on the Interac website, for different types of transactions. Mostly they’re nominal to very fair (almost always significantly under $1). That being said, since Interac works with different banks and financial institutions, it’s always worth checking with yours to make sure they don’t tack on any additional fees.

Can I use Interac to withdraw my winnings ?

You can definitely use Interac to withdraw your winnings from any casino that accepts Interac as a payment method. Another good reason why Interac is so convenient we’d say!

How do I register for an Interac account?

Registering for an Interac account depends on which Interac service you’re after. For example, if you want Interac Debit, the company’s debit card, you will need to contact your bank and order it through them. This can usually be done either at your local branch or online.

Is Interac Canadian friendly?

Since Interac is designed by Canadians for the Canadian market it is probably one of the most Canadian-friendly payment methods around! Using Interac you’re able to conduct transactions using the Canadian dollars in your bank account in a super quick, safe, and easy way – including at many of the best online casinos.

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